“My history with Scott & Warner Builders goes back 18 years… I have watched Scott & Warner grow from a small firm doing relatively small jobs to a major Bay Area construction company doing multi-million dollar projects. Their consistent success and growth have been based on high quality craftsmanship, customer service, and excellent value.

Scott and Warner Builders has proven to me that in a world where pitfalls, headaches, inconveniences, and dilemmas are the norm, it is possible to trust a contractor and to enjoy the process. They have always displayed professionalism and even-tempered integrity, and have often gone beyond the requirements of duty to help us out…”
-Nion McEvoy, Chronicle Books

“The people that Scott & Warner employ and the subs that they hire are of the highest quality, both in workmanship and in attitude… We could not be more pleased with our new home and would recommend Scott & Warner Builders without reservation…”
-Jeff Brock & Richard Crisman

“What a long road! Thanks for making it so easy… I appreciate what great people you have working for you… So thanks for the wonderful job….”
-Katherine Randolph

“Their professional and friendly manner made the entire process a pleasure…we recommend them without hesitation…”
-Peter Beall, Accountant

“I want to say once again that your crew of workers is simply the best. They are lovely and reliable people and it has been a pleasure... Thank you thank you.”
-Susy & Jack Wadsworth

“... thank you for the outstanding professional service your company has provided .... Your subcontractors have all been excellent, but above all, your high standards have resulted in a very satisfied client.”
-Christiaan Maarse, Architect